Entrepreneurship is when you take an idea and turn it into a business.  I had an idea for months to make a record label and a recording studio all in one.  This way I can bring I money not only from my artist but also from people from who aren’t even signed to me.  1. Company Analysis: Will Entertainment will offer 50% recording for all artist  who are signed to the company. Other artist can book studio time for 300.00 a hour. Best producer guaranteed for you’re individual style of music.  In my studios I will have the best technology that can be in a studio from the computer to the microphones.  All the studio equipment will be replaced with-in two to three years.

2. Industry analysis- Industry training and artist development.  I will introduce my clients into the music industry that the money that they see at the table isn’t their money for them to keep the money has to be paid back with an interest rate.  The money is to you to go and build your name not for you to blow the money on foreign cars big mansions and five figure watches.  I will let my clients know that they are to take this money and invest it into their self and bring me the money I give them back.  My clients will have the best of the best in the city of Atlanta.  They will be given the best producers like Jermaine Dupri.
3. Competitive Analysis-  There is no competition I’m doing my own regardless of what everyone else is doing.
4. I’m bringing in both the ones who can’t afford the studio time and can’t afford to invest money into their self and I’m also bringing this into the artist who don’t need money but need to be enhanced.
5. In order to reach my targeting customers I will show them the technologies I have that will go into making their new singles albums and eps.
6. When I first start I’m going to do all the work by  myself however when the company expands I’m going to hire a staff to be able to bring in more money for the company.
7. The milestones that my company has to accomplish to grow and become successful would be get a studio, get the equipment, and get an engineer
8. To start this company I would need $677,451.40

This is the plan that I plan on taking to the bank to start my company.


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