Will’s Autobiography

My name is Will Lampley born in Evanston Illinois, however when I was 1.5 years old I moved down to Atlanta Georgia where I lived most of live.  Through-out my live I’ve experienced a lot and I’m going to share a little bit on what I’ve been through. I’ve spent most of my life in all white schools which has been interesting.  I’ve experienced racist white people and white people who love black people.  One time my dad was dropping me off at school and there was this was this white girl in front of me getting out her car.  At the time my dad drove a pretty white Escalade, when I got out the truck she walks up to me and says is that your car, and I said yeah, then she proceeds to ask me how I got it, so I said that my dad stole it which is probably what she was thinking.  After she said that she walked away.  That’s not the only thing I’ve experienced, I moved to go to a public school and the people on my bus would ask me if my parents were drug dealers because I lived in a big house.  I couldn’t even walk out of my own house without people asking me what my parents did for a living.  It was the most down-grading things that I’ve had to experience in my whole life.  Also through my life I made a friend in like pre-k and I thought we were cool she was like a sister to me but then all of a sudden she started to change.  She would judge what I put on snapchat and I mean like literally everything I posted and it became stressful to have a conversation with her, so I started to avoid her.  I wouldn’t open her snaps, texts, or wouldn’t even answer her facetime calls. Then if I didn’t answer she would blow my phone up and she would post hateful things about me on her snapchat story and after a while I couldn’t take it.  So whenever I would ask her why she was acting like this she would start to say that her phone was hacked. I don’t know whether she figured out that I went along with it everytime but she never asked me about it.  I guess you learn who your real friends are and who your fake friends are.



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