drunk stories

One day this lady went out with her friend and she had a little much to drink and decided that she would get a tattoo.  That was probably was the worse decision of her life because she got the worse tattoo she could ever get.  The tattoo started on her neck and went all the way up to her face which looked retarded to begin with. To make it even worse no one even couldn’t even tell what it was that she got.  It looks like she just went in and said ink anything on my body and the tattoo artist put a blob that went from her neck to the bottom of her face.   Honestly I think that this has to be one of the worse ways to express that you were drunk by getting a tattoo that looks like that. Your probably thinking why didn’t her friends didn’t stop her but they were drunk too and got a tattoo but the only thing about them they didn’t post them on the gram and the snap.  One of them got a hand surrounding her whole entire face which looked retarded.  She has knucles on her eye lids which looks dumb.  Then her other friend shaved her head to get the same tattoo as birdman which looks retarded because you wont be able to see it when she grows her hair back.  This is why you cant let girls go out alone and get drunk.  Then it gets worse because one of her friends got a self portrait from her feet to her face, which proves she was on something because to begin she was ugly and the tattoo looked even worse than she did.  she wanted it to look just like her and be the same size as her.


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